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After nearly a decade in business, Eat Chic Chicago has decided to close our doors. I am grateful for all of your support over these past years and have moved on from Chicago, starting a new chapter in San Francisco, California.  

Ever wonder what it would be like to travel back to Paleolithic times and eat like our primal ancestors? It definitely wouldn’t include processed foods and sugar. Eating like a caveman can improve athletic performance and body composition if implemented correctly. Not sure what foods are considered “Paleo” or how to adopt a Paleo lifestyle? Our team can help!

A Paleolithic (Paleo for short) diet excludes a number of foods that have become staples in today’s kitchen. In Paleolithic times, before the agricultural revolution, starches like as bread, cereal, pasta, and rice, were not around. Animals were not domesticated either. So this meant no milk, yogurt or cheese for the primal cavemen. The Paleo diet is primarily based on fruits and vegetables, high quality animal proteins, and nuts and seeds.


Paleo Nutrition Program Includes:


Initial Paleo Assessment

During your initial consultation we will analyze your Paleo nutrition goals and barriers preventing you from reaching them. We can review food sensitivities and intolerance,  lab results, and supplement regimens to develop the right nutrition path for you. Together we will develop an action plan to begin bringing your closer to your goals.


Paleo Nutrition Consultations

Personal Paleo nutrition consultations take place via phone or Skype. During these sessions we will assess your eating and lifestyle strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to help you live a healthy Paleo lifestyle. Sessions include the following:

  • Paleo Meal Plans: Receive a personalized meal plan with food lists of what to add and what to avoid in your diet. Receive new healthy recipes and corresponding grocery lists during each consultation.
  • Paleo  Nutrition Education: Receive tips, tricks and helpful handouts geared towards your Paleo needs. Nutrition education topics include, but are not limited to, identifying which proteins are the best quality choices, understanding what to look for on nutrition labels and developing a supplement regimen to help support a Paleo lifestyle.
  • 24/7 Email Correspondence: With unlimited 24/7 email connection, you can communicate with us at any hour with any questions, updates or concerns during your nutrition journey.



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