In-Home Cooking Classes

Chicago In-Home Cooking Classes

Looking for a cooking class near you? How about in your very own kitchen! Work side by side with Chicago Registered Dietitian Amari Thomsen in your very own kitchen and learn how to make easy, delicious and healthy meals! Receive helpful tips and tasty recipes to help you eat healthier. Learn more about Amari and her nutrition philosophy.


In-Home Cooking Classes are great gifts for family and friends! Contact Amarifor in-home cooking class pricing and gift certificates. For more information regarding acceptable payment methods, please visit Payment and Insurance. Eat Chic Chicago is proud to offer the following In-Home Cooking Classes.

Chicago In-Home Cooking Classes

One-on-one Individual Instruction

Cooking for one can be a challenge when it comes to creating variety without wasting food. Learn how to make meals involving similar ingredients to save on grocery bills while still reaping the benefits of flavor variety.


Couples Cooking Lessons

Need a creative date idea? Just married and no one knows how to cook? Experience hands-on cooking lessons for you and your significant other so that dinner never has to be frozen pizza or boxed macaroni and cheese again!


Group Cooking Class Events:

Planning a ladies night out or birthday party? How about a cook-off or competition? Celebrate with a group cooking class! Get your group of friends excited about cooking healthy food! Our group cooking classes cater to adults of all ages and abilities. Contact Amari about creating a theme for your next group celebration!


Family Cooking Classes

Sick of worrying about what the husband and kids are going to eat when you’re gone? Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that they can cook for themselves without your help? Get the whole family excited about cooking healthy food! Our family cooking classes cater to adults and children of all ages and abilities. Teach your family the joys of cooking and who knows, extra help in the kitchen might come in handy some day!


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