Grocery Store Tours

Chicago Grocery Store Tours

Receive one-on-one guidance through the Chicago-area grocery store of your choice and learn how to shop comfortably and confidently for the foods your body needs. Eat Chic Chicago will provide you with budget-friendly shopping tips, assist you with reading nutrition labels, and even help you develop a comprehensive grocery list! Learn more about Amari and her nutrition philosophy.


Grocery store tours are great gifts for family and friends! Contact Amarifor grocery tour pricing and gift certificates. For more information regarding acceptable payment methods, please visit Payment and Insurance. Tours take place at the grocery store of your choice and touch on the following topics.

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  • Shopping on a Budget – We’re all on a budget. Nutritious food doesn’t have to be expensive. Find value in the foods you eat and discover simple ways to eat healthy while still saving money.
  • Label Reading – Put an end to food label confusion. Demystify ingredients, understand how to read a food label and review real in-store examples. Receive a comprehensive guide detailing what to look and what to avoid for your specific needs.
  • Organic and In-Season – Learn about the value of organic foods and which foods are most important to buy organically. Understand the significance of eating local and in-season and learn how to support your community with your food choices.
  • Recipes and a Customized Grocery List  Don’t be overwhelmed by the countless choices presented to you at the supermarket. Don’t let the lack of one ingredient prevent you from making a healthy meal. Discover the best brands to look for and learn healthy recipe substitutions for unavailable ingredients. Receive one week of recipes and a comprehensive grocery list to fit your needs.


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