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After nearly a decade in business, Eat Chic Chicago has decided to close our doors. I am grateful for all of your support over these past years and have moved on from Chicago, starting a new chapter in San Francisco, California.  


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Why should I work with a Registered Dietitian? A Registered dietitian, or RD for short, is a food and nutrition expert responsible for translating the science of nutrition into everyday practical solutions necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. Registered Dietitians have the expertise, training and credentials to separate fact from fad while offering sound advice about how a nutritious diet can improve health, fight disease, and even aid in weight management. The world of nutrition is constantly changing as experts conduct innovative studies and publish breakthrough research. Connect with a registered dietitian to make sense of the mixed nutritional messages found in the media and develop a personalized nutrition plan to point you in the right direction towards optimal health!


How is a Registered Dietitian different than a Nutritionist? The “RD” credential can only be used by practitioners who are recognized by the Commission on Dietetics Registration of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Here’s where it gets tricky. Some registered dietitians call themselves “nutritionists” but not all nutritionists can call themselves “registered dietitians” as the RD credential is a legally protected title requiring licensure, approved educational specifics and clinical experience. Some states have licensure laws that define the range of practice for someone titled a “nutritionist”, but not all. Be aware that in some states anyone can call themselves a “nutritionist” regardless of proper education and training. Consulting a Registered Dietitian guarantees you’ll received professional nutrition advice from an experienced expert.


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