Must-Have Kitchen Essentials – Appliances for Healthy Cooking

The right healthy kitchen appliances can help you get the job done right. With these tools on hand, you’ll be cooking a healthy meal in no time.

You wouldn’t show up to work without the right equipment to get the job done and cooking in the kitchen isn’t any different. But your commitment to eating healthy doesn’t have to be another full-time job. The right healthy kitchen appliances can save you time and energy. With nutritious ingredients and these helpful tools on hand, you can whip up a healthy dish easily, even after a hard day’s work.


Must-Have Healthy Kitchen Appliances

1. Cuisinart 3 1/2-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker – I received this appliance as wedding gift years ago and it never disappoints. The large size lends itself well to leftovers that can be stored in the freezer for a quick meal in the future! I also have this smaller Crock-Pot 2-Quart Manual Slow Cooker, which is perfect for single weeknight meals.

2. Escali Digital Food Scale – Food scales are great for portion control. I buy lean protein in bulk and – using a food scale – divide everything into 3/4-lb portions before storing it. My freezer is stocked with pre-portioned proteins – the perfect amount for a meal for two (~3 oz. each after cooking). A food scale also comes in handy for international recipes with ingredients listed in grams.

3. Cuisinart 3-Speed Electric Hand Mixer – This simple hand mixer has no bells or whistles. It’s basic, budget-friendly and gets the job done. Whether you are beating egg whites or making your first batch of aquafaba, this hand mixer will do the trick!

healthy kitchen appliances

4. Cuisinart 12-cup Extreme Brew Programmable Coffeemaker – I start my day off with coffee every morning, so this is an appliance to invest in. This coffeemaker is programmable (so I can have a freshly brewed cup in hand the minute I roll out of bed), offers a brew strength option (so you can enjoy your coffee Regular or Bold), has a temperature control for the heater plate (the hotter the better if you ask me!), and it shuts itself off automatically (so you’ll never leave the house worrying again).  If you’re only an occasional coffee drinker, this Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker will suffice.

5. Cuisinart 2-Slice Metal Classic Toaster – It’s hard to go wrong with a toaster, but one with wide slots (for thick hearty bread or bagels) and a browning dial with a few heat settings is all you need.

6. Hamilton Beach 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Electric Kettle – Faster than a microwave and safer than a stovetop, this electric kettle is life changing. It’s automatic shut off lets me turn it on and walk away without fear of forgetting. If you only need hot water for the occasional oatmeal or tea, this simple Cuisinart 2-Quart Stainless Steel Stovetop Teakettle will also do the trick!

7.Kinzi Tri-Blade Vegetable and Fruit Spiralizer – The spiralizer market is growing, but this is the one I’ve always used to make veggie pastas. It is easy to clean, has suction cups for the counter and three blades for different “noodle” shapes and sizes.

8. Calphalon Gadgets Can Opener – It may seem obvious, but investing in a nice can opener is a must! I have admittedly gone through countless cheap can openers in my life and regret not investing in a higher-quality one sooner. This one is going strong in my kitchen (10 years and counting!) and I love that I can throw it in the dishwasher safe without fear of rust.

9. Vitamix Professional Series 200 Blender – Ok, let’s talk about blenders. Large, small, cheap, high-end – I feel like I’ve owned them all. I didn’t even realize the shortcomings of my old blenders until I got a Vitamix. In two words, it is LIFE CHANGING (<– not an exaggeration). I use my Vitamix for EVERYTHING, which makes the price tag unquestionable when I think about cost per use. It’s not just for making fancy smoothies either. I use my Vitamix to grind coffee beans (buh bye coffee grinder), to puree soups (so long immersion blender), to pulse chop food (doubling as a food processor), to make fresh juice (who likes to clean that old juicer anyways?), and even make homemade nut butters (so much cheaper than the store-bought kind!). Do you see the savings (both in time and $$ spent on other appliances)? Out of all the healthy kitchen appliances, this is the one I can’t live without. I know you’ve been considering it – so just do it already. You will not regret this one. (BTW, if you are looking for a good juicer, get this one).

10. Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor – Food processors are great for quick chopping, pureeing homemade hummus or even blending salad dressing. I use mine most frequently for chopping up dried fruit and nuts for granola bars, easy slicing or shredding of veggies for slaws and salads (using the interchangeable discs) and kneading dough (using the plastic s-shaped blade). I also have this smaller Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor – no bells or whistles here, just a smaller version for quick tasks (like a salad dressing) that is easier to clean.

11. Taylor Digital Meat Pocket Thermometer – You might not think you need a meat thermometer, but you do. I promise you’ll be a better cook than you were without it. Every time I cook meat, chicken or fish, I use this little guy to make sure I cook it to perfection.


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