Heart Healthy Meals – Plate #3

Celebrate the beginning of fall with this heart healthy meal featuring lean steak, a crunchy salad and addicting parsnip fries.

During the fall you can continue grilling outside or you can bring the party inside. This tasty heart healthy meal is great for a fall cookout or a simple weeknight meal!

heart healthy meal

This is the third plate in my heart healthy meals series call Prevention Plates. Every plate serves 2 and features either my own recipes or those I love from around the web (or both!). I also share tips for easy preparation, simple substitutions, and a shopping list so you can easily go to the grocery store for everything you need to make it.


Heart Healthy Meal Plate #3

Bring your grilling inside and fire up the oven for this lean, flavorful heart healthy meal.

  • Grilled Flank Steak with Chimichurri by Skinny Taste (protein) – Fresh, zingy chimichurri is the perfect topping for this healthy grilled meat dish. Lean flank steak is commonly marinated to keep it moist and tender on the grill. But this non-marinade recipe uses a clever tenderizing technique – score the meat in a crisscross pattern before cooking – instead!
    • TIPS:
      • Given the thinness of flank steak, I find that scoring one side is sufficient enough.
      • You don’t need a grill for this recipe; this steak cooks beautifully in well-oiled skillet over high heat – make sure the oil is HOT before you put the meat on.
      • To make this recipe for two, I use all of the rub for a 3/4 lb steak (I like a well-seasoned steak), AND I make the full chimichurri recipe – it’s so good you’re going to want it all! Trust me.
  • Crunchy Cucumber, Feta and Almond Salad by Cooking Light (non-starchy vegetable + carbohydrate) – This was my go-to salad this summer. It has the perfect balance of flavors and textures – crunchy almonds, refreshing cucumbers, creamy feta and a hint of dill.
    • TIPS:
      • This salad says it serves 8, which means that cutting the ingredients in half would serve 4. But when you’re trying to fill half your plate with heart healthy veggies, you’re going to need more than an eighth of this recipe. So I halve the recipe and simply say that it serves two hungry veggie lovers!
      • I like dill in small doses, so I don’t always add the full amount suggested in this recipe – I want to prevent my salad from tasting too much like pickles…lol.
  • Addictive Parsnip Fries with Truffle Oil by Paleo Grubs (non-starchy vegetable) – Looking for a low-carb potato substitute for oven fries? These addicting parsnip fries are your answer. There’s something about cranking up the oven heat half way through the cooking process that makes these fries crispy and magical. I have shamelessly made this recipe once a week for the past 4 weeks straight…maybe more. That’s how GOOD they are.
    • TIPS:
      • No truffle oil? No problem. Sprinkle the fries with garlic powder after baking and call it a day. They’ll be just as addicting, I promise.
      • Cut this recipe in half for two people. Otherwise, I swear you won’t be able to stop eating them.


Heart Healthy Meal Planning

PRINT the below shopping list HERE! Need more grilling inspiration? Check out Prevention Plate #1 and Prevention Plate #2.

heart healthy meals


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Heart Healthy Meals
Heart Healthy Meals

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