Healthy Chicken Meatballs with Red Wine Sauce

These lean healthy chicken meatballs are oven baked in red wine sauce so that they remain juicy and bursting with flavor!

A few things you might think when you hear that poultry has been substituted for the traditional beef, pork, and veal in these healthy chicken meatballs:

  • These won’t be as good as the real thing
  • These lean meatballs are destined to be dry
  • There’s no way my spouse will eat “healthy” meatballs
  • If I’m going to spend all afternoon making 2 dozen healthy meatballs, they better be amazing

Healthy Chicken Meatballs Recipe
Well these healthy chicken meatballs are here to make all of your dreams come true. They are juicy, busting with flavor, and taste like something out of a gourmet kitchen.

Healthy Chicken Meatballs Recipe

Here’s the deal on the “skinny” part of this recipe that makes these healthy chicken meatballs good for the heart:

  • Lean ground chicken breast is substituted for beef, pork and/or veal
  • Low-fat dairy includes part-skim ricotta, Parmesan and almond milk
  • They have a healthy dose of leafy greens – parsley is much more than just a garnish
  • Whole wheat breadcrumbs…need I say more?
  • Red wine – check!

The trick to cooking the perfect healthy chicken meatballs is to cook them swimming in sauce to lock in the moisture. And the best part about this wine sauce – other than the fact that it’s incredibly delicious and simple to make – is that it gives you a reason to open a bottle of red on a weeknight. You’re welcome.

Healthy Chicken Meatballs Recipe

So pop open a bottle of red wine and prepare yourself for a romantic, delicious, date night at home and enjoy these fool-proof, guilt-free healthy chicken meatballs any way you like.

A couple healthy ways to enjoy these scrumptious nuggets:

  • Atop a piping hot bowl of whole wheat noodles
  • Nestled in a bowl of spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles
  • Solo in a cute mini skillet or cocotte with a crunchy side salad

Healthy Chicken Meatballs Recipe


Healthy Chicken Meatballs with Red Wine Sauce

This recipe is one of my favorite “go-to” winter dinners and I hope it will become one of yours too!


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Photography credit: Courtney Michelle Photography 

Healthy Chicken Meatballs Recipe
Healthy Chicken Meatball Recipe


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