Must-Have Kitchen Essentials – Food Storage

Make sure those healthy leftovers don’t go to waste by using one of these must-have food storage containers for your kitchen!

The way you store your food is just as important as the way you prepare it. Leftovers can be a lifesaver on a busy day and a freshly-packed healthy lunch can help your body and your wallet. But all of those hours you spend cooking and meal prepping can go to waste if food isn’t sealed, labeled, and stored properly. So whether you need air-tight, leak-proof, freezer-friendly or microwave-safe, I’ve got you covered. Here are all of the must-have food storage essentials you need to keep your healthy food fresh and delicious!


Must-Have Kitchen Essentials – Food Storage

1. OXO Good Grip Airtight Food Storage POP Containers – I love these containers for dry storage. I keep flours, grains and dried beans and lentils in these, which makes it easy to buy in bulk, transfer and store long-term. See how I use these in my kitchen here.

2. Pyrex Simply Store Food Storage Set – These glass containers have a BPA-free lid and are both dishwasher and microwave safe – making it easy to take leftovers from the fridge straight to the microwave.

3. Glass Canning Jars – I have a collection of jars in various sizes – 4-ounce, half pint, pint, quart and half gallon. These are the perfect leak-free solution to storing anything liquid. So whether you need to take a small jar of salad dressing to work, toss a smoothie in your gym bag, or store a half gallon of homemade iced tea, these will do the trick!

food storage

4. Rubbermaid TakeAlongs Twist and Seal Food Storage Containers – These 1.2-cup stackable plastic containers are the perfect single-serve size for freezing soups, stews and oatmeal.

5. OXO Good Grips Magnetic All-Purpose Clips – These magnetic clips are great to keep on your fridge and use to securely close snack bags.

6. Ziploc Gallon, Quart, Sandwich and Snack Storage Bags – Whether you are storing something in the freezer or packing lunches for the family, sealable plastic bags of all sizes are a must.

7. Plastic To-Go Containers – Sometimes glass is too heavy to take with you on your away-from-home adventure. Use plastic to-go containers for leftovers and snacks that don’t require reheating. If you do need to reheat something, transfer it out of these containers before microwaving to avoid deterioration.

8. Permanent Marker – For labeling leftovers and items stored in the freezer. I find I get the most use out of these twin tips that have both a fine point and a thick marker side for all my labeling needs.

9. Masking Tape – Masking tape is easy for labeling any storage container and peels off easily. Label and date leftovers you store in the fridge or freezer – even you *think* you’ll remember what it is when it comes time to eat it (I never do!).

10. Aluminum Foil – Foil is great for easy clean-up when cooking, but it’s also great for short-term food storage – like when you need to cover and refrigerate a dinner plate for a family member who missed dinnertime.

11. Plastic Wrap – Similar to aluminum foil, plastic wrap is great for short-term food storage – for covering up a bowl or plate, or wrapping up sandwiches or wraps for lunch boxes.

12. Parchment Paper – Parchment paper is great for when you need to stack leftovers (think cookies, nut bars, hamburger patties, etc.) and you don’t want them to stick together when you store them. Wax paper also works, but I personally get more use out of parchment paper because it is heat resistant and can be used to line pans when cooking or baking.


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