Refreshing Basil Matcha Smoothie

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Here in Chicago, spring is in the air. There was everything from warm spring weather and the Macy’s Spring Flower Show to cold snowy weather and the Shamrock Shuffle to kick off the Chicago running season. Keeping with the spring green theme, today I am sharing one of my new favorite superfood concoctions, this refreshing basil matcha smoothie!

matcha tea green smoothie

This smoothie has it all, seriously. Healthy fats (hello avocado and hemp seeds), fibrous greens (thank you cucumber and kale), whole food sweeteners (think: banana, mango and honey), robust springy flavors (lime and ginger) and my favorite, superfood mix ins (take a bow matcha tea powder, spirulina and buckwheat crispies).

matcha tea green smoothie

Matcha is a fine-ground green tea powder that offers superior nutritional benefits of regular green tea (powerful antioxidants that increase metabolism and aid in detoxification) because the entire leaf is ingested. Spirulina (sea algae) is a complete protein and a great source of a variety of vitamins and minerals (learn more). And the buckwheat crispies? This post says is it all.


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matcha tea green smoothie

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