Sprouted Maca Buckwheat Crispies

raw buckwheat granola

I can’t get enough of these sprouted buckwheat crispies lately! Their perfectly crunchy texture and hint of sweetness have me sprinkling them on everything from smoothies and yogurt to oatmeal and fruit salad.

Buckwheat is a pyramid shaped gluten-free grain. Well, actually it’s not technically a grain, it’s the fruit seed of a plant and it has an incredible nutrient profile worth talking about. This tiny superfood is high in protein (1 cup = 23g protein) and has a complete amino acid profile. Buckwheat groats can be cooked in a similar fashion as rice, but they can also be sprouted and dried to create a crunchy cereal – enter buckwheat crispies!

raw buckwheat granola

What do I mean by “sprouting”? Sprouting raw buckwheat groats refers to soaking them for an extended period of time, which removes the gelatinous layer from the groats and allows the nutrients within to be more easily absorbed and digested in the body. Sprouting is especially important if you aren’t going to cook the groats like for these buckwheat crispies. This buckwheat recipe calls for soaking, seasoning and dehydrating raw buckwheat to create a crunchy granola-like cereal.

raw buckwheat granola

I flavored this basic recipe with maple syrup, cinnamon and maca powder. However, this recipe can easily be adapted by substituting other superfoods like cacao, spirulina or matcha powder to create chocolate or green buckwheat crispies.

Hold on, what’s maca powder? Originating from the maca root, maca powder has adaptogenic-like qualities that help balance hormones in the body that are responsible for energy, mood, stress and fertility. It has a slightly fruity, earthy flavor and is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium.

raw buckwheat granola


Give everyday foods a superfood boost with these buckwheat crispies or combine them with nuts and dried fruit to create a trail mix snack to eat on-the-go. Check out our tips for building a healthy emergency snack kit for more creative ideas!

raw buckwheat granola


  1. Carol McCarthy

    I do not own dehydrator. Can I use a warm oven instead?

    • Hi Carol – Yes! You absolutely can. Set your oven to a temperature that is below 200*F (usually the Warm setting will do – you want ~120-140*F). Be sure to rotate the pan as it dries to avoid any “hot spots” that your oven might have.

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