Tzatziki Smothered Sweet Potatoes

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Tzatziki Smothered Sweet Potatoes Plate Overhead View

Football season is in full swing – what are you serving at your next tailgate? Between college game days and fantasy football celebrations, nutrition goes by the wayside and we tend to fill up on unhealthy party snacks like pizza, buffalo wings, cheesy dips and potato skins.

And don’t forget about baked potatoes! Don’t worry, we didn’t. There’s something so comforting about a stuffed baked potato this time of year. It’s like big warm hug on a chilly fall afternoon. Whether you prefer to top yours with chili and sour cream or broccoli and cheese, a baked potato bar is always a hit at any football party. So why not put out a few nutritious options out for the health-conscious attendees at your next event?

Tzatziki Smothered Sweet Potatoes Plate with Sauce and Garbanzo Beans

The #MadewithChobani tailgate series got me thinking outside the box – particularly about marrying a non-football cuisine (think Mediterranean) with the beloved traditional baked potato. Enter, the Tzatziki Smothered Sweet Potato.

Ever since our honeymoon in Greece a few years ago, I have been unable to find an authentic tzatziki sauce quite like they make it in Europe. So I took it upon myself to recreate this favorite dip with the same depth of flavors and textures I experienced in the Greek Islands.

Once you try this baked sweet potato topped with tangy garlicky tzatziki, crunchy garbanzo beans, fresh tomatoes, diced onion and chopped parsley, you won’t remember why you used to top your game day potato with cheese and sour cream! Trust me on this one.

Tzaziki Smothered Sweet Potatoes Ingredients Named

Greek Island Tzatziki Sauce


Tzatziki Smothered Sweet Potatoes Plate with Sauce and Garbanzo Beans Side View

Top Basic Baked Sweet Potatoes with Greek Island Tzatziki, Crunchy Oregano Garbanzo Beans, fresh diced tomatoes, chopped red onion and parsley, and dig in! May the best team win!

What’s your favorite healthy tailgate recipe? For more healthy Greek yogurt recipe ideas, check out Chobani’s recipe page.


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