Hoppin’ John Quinoa Sliders

We are two weeks into the New Year and it’s time to pay homage to our lucky black-eyed peas!

Hoppin’ John is a peas and rice dish made with black-eyed peas, onion, bacon, spices and sometimes greens like collard greens, Swiss chard or kale. The dish, traditionally served in the South, is meant to bring about a prosperous and lucky year. So I wanted to give this traditional dish a unique healthy twist that lives up to everyone’s New Year’s resolution to be healthier in 2015!

Hoppin John Quinoa Sliders

These gluten-free, vegan burgers bring together all of the classic Hoppin’ John ingredients with a nutrient profile that will help you start the New Year off right. By using quinoa instead of rice and incorporating lucky black-eyed peas, these protein-packed burgers will soon become a family favorite.

Hoppin John Quinoa SlidersHoppin John Quinoa Sliders
Before and after baking. Ready, set, go!

Hoppin John Quinoa Sliders
Serve these burgers with or without a bun. Just don’t forget the spicy tomato aioli because, well you know, aioli makes everything more gourmet!

Hoppin John Quinoa Slider
These burgers freeze beautifully so you can enjoy them all January long. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2015!

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