Chocolate Cherry Granola

A few years ago, a family friend gave me a cute little cookbook called Salty Sweets at our engagement party. While the pages are filled with beautiful delectable desserts and tempting treats, they are also packed with sugar, butter, heavy cream and syrups. While many of us are gorging on all of the above this time of year, I decided to flip one of these sweet and salty recipes into something healthy and guilt-free!

Chocolate Cherry Granola

This chocolate cherry granola will jazz up any holiday breakfast and your guests will thank you when they’re looking for a healthier option in the morning to fight their food hangover from the night before. By swapping out the refined sugar with natural sweeteners and replacing the butter with applesauce, eating chocolate for breakfast never felt so good!

Chocolate Cherry Granola



Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to The Great Christmas Light Fight finale. Happy Holidays!


  1. I could snack on this any time of day!

  2. Applesauce in granola! I have to try this! And chocolate and cherry are my fave flavors!

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