Raw Veggie Bloody Mary

Nothing brings an end to the summer quite like a nutrient-packed, vegetable-based Bloody Mary! And the best Bloody Mary begins with a good vegetable cocktail blend. While most tomato juices are made by cooking down tomatoes along with garlic, onions and other flavors, this vegetable cocktail base includes fresh raw veggie juice straight from my favorite juicer –  the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer. It’s like the “Vitamix” of juicers – simply a-mazing.

Raw Veggie Bloody Mary


I like my Bloody Mary packed full of veggies, spicy, and no celery. There are very few veggies I dislike, and celery is one of them. While I realized a little celery in my vegetable cocktail and celery salt are staple parts of a traditional Bloody Mary, I used the most minimal amount of celery when preparing my drink to reap the nutritional benefits, without the flavor.


I like my Bloody Mary with a little kick, but if you prefer less spice, add less hot sauce. Sometimes I like to combine 1 cup of my freshly squeezed vegetable juice with 1 cup of the Whole Foods 365 Vital Veggie Juice (I’m obsessed with this juice) to stretch my fresh veggie juice beyond one serving.


Nothing makes a dietitian happier than a cocktail that doubles as several servings of veggies! Looking for a new juicer to help you live healthier? Williams-Sonoma offers juicers in all shapes and sizes including the Kuvings featured here! Cheers!

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