Matcha Tea Waffles

After seeing green tea waffles on the menu of my local Waffles Cafe, I decided to attempt this tasty tea-infused recipe in my own kitchen using matcha tea. Matcha is a fine-ground green tea powder that offers nutritional benefits superior to regular green tea because you ingest the entire leaf, not just the brewed water. These Matcha Tea Waffles are dairy-free, grain-free, and loaded with antioxidants! Top them with traditional maple syrup or something a little more interesting like a lemon ginger coconut cream!

Matcha Tea Waffles



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  1. These look amazing! I definitely need to try em’ out when I’m back home + with my waffle iron. :]

  2. Don’t you just love the gorgeous green color of the matcha? I do!

  3. How fun! Love the great green coloring that the matcha tea adds. If only I had a waffle iron…

  4. Beautiful! I need to get a waffle iron just for these!

  5. Delicious one with waffles.Its really easy make it. My kids loved it so much.

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