Products I’m Loving

Every month I am blessed with the opportunity to sample a handful of noteworthy healthy food products on the market! And today I wanted to share with you some of my favorites!

Products I'm Loving

Barbara’s Snacks and Cereals: I was first introduced to Barbara’s years and years ago when grocery stores started offering a “health food aisle” designated to foods free or artificial ingredients – remember those days?  I remember perusing the aisles and pulling Puffins cereal off the shelf not only because it looked tasty, but also because the box offered information about the Adopt-a-Puffin program to help restore the population and nesting locations for puffins. A healthy wholesome cereal that also cares about the environment – does it get any better than that? Anyways, since my days of collecting UPC codes to adopt a puffin, Barbara’s has come a long way. The brand still offers high-quality, non-GMO ingredients free of hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup and refined white sugar, but the product line has increased enormously! In addition to the original Puffins, Barbara’s now offers Honest O’s cereal, Cheese Puffs, Fig Bars, Snackimals cookies and cereals, gluten-free options and more! These high-fiber products offer ingredients you can pronounce with the flavors you love for a quick breakfast or easy on-the-go snack!


Red Gold Tomatoes: Diced tomatoes, tomato paste, tomato sauce, and salsa are all important foods found on my Healthy Pantry Staples list. These are things I keep on hand to whip up an easy and healthy meal in a pinch. Red Gold Tomatoes not only offers delicious products, but with 100% natural ingredients, there are never any surprises when it comes to reading the label. Did you know you can use Red Gold products to make delicious aiolis and spreads for sandwiches, dips, and toppings? Check out some of their recipes for ideas and inspiration! You can even enter to win a $250 prize pack that includes a Cuisinart Panini Grill and other great prizes on the Red Gold Facebook page! Simply vote for your favorite aioli!


Popchips: Healthy eating also means healthy snacking! Whether you are on a summer road-trip, taking a family picnic or just looking to pack an easy lunch for the pool, we’ve all been at the mercy of the classic American lunch – a sandwich and a bag of chips. But now you can pack smarter choices than fat-laden greasy fried potato chips with heat-pressure popped Popchips! I first fell in love with Popchips when a college friend of mine won a year supply of them and his entire tiny apartment was stacked floor to ceiling with boxes upon boxes of these tasty snacks. It became the joke of the year that all college parties had to take place at his place because there were free Popchips! That was of course years ago and since then there is more to love about Popchips! Their new bags offer 15% more product to love at still half the fat of regular potato chips.  And did I mention all the amazing flavors they now carry? From traditional Sea Salt and Barbeque to more unique flavors like Sweet Potato and my favorite the Hint of Olive Oil Veggie Chips (made with chickpea flour, beets, spinach, and kale), there is something for the whole family. Popchips are a summer snack you won’t have to feel guilty about and we’re giving you a chance to win some! Share what you love about Popchips for a chance to win a pop-worthy date night!


Kiss Me Organics Matcha Tea: Nothing says superfood quiet like matcha! Matcha is a fine-ground green tea powder that offers nutritional benefits superior to regular green tea because you ingest the entire leaf, not just the brewed water. Replace your morning coffee with a cup of matcha tea for all day energy and 137 times the amount of antioxidants than brewed green tea. Learn more about how antioxidants boost the immune system, protect the body, and fight aging here. Use matcha tea in your lattes, smoothies or even baked goods to reap the nutritional benefits of this unique superfood. My favorite way to enjoy matcha is whisked into a little steamed coconut milk with a little sweetener for a frothy, dairy-free latte!


Farmer’s Pick by Welch’s: Remember last August when I met Alton Brown at the Welch’s Harvest Dinner here in Chicago? Well Welch’s has a new line of 100% juices and fruit spreads that deserve some recognition! Available in Concord Grape, Mango and Blackberry, the new Farmer’s Pick juices are free of preservatives, contain no artificial flavors or colors . The Farmer’s Pick fruit spreads contains no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives and are also made with 100% fruit. My husband and I rely on a good old fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when we are in a pinch and I am extremely picky about the jams I buy. I love that the ingredients of these new Welch’s fruit spreads are so simple (sugar, strawberries, fruit pectin, citric acid, natural flavors – everything you’d expect to see in a homemade jam or jelly). While the new fruit spreads come in Concord Grape, Strawberry and Raspberry, the strawberry is my personal favorite!


Ladera Granola: Based out of California, this granola was created in the kitchen of a Stanford-trained medical doctor and mother of three who is nuts about all things natural. Together, she and her son are committed to providing a healthy source of fuel that is as nutritious as it is delicious. The simple ingredients (oats, almonds, olive oil, maple syrup, pecans brown sugar, spices and salt) are free of anything artificial and provide you with the protein, fiber and nutrition your body needs. Top your Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with this granola for a healthy snack or enjoy it like I do with some unsweetened almond milk for breakfast!


What products are you loving lately?


Disclosure: Although I did receive complimentary samples for the above products, all views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely and entirely my own and based on my own unique experiences.

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