DIY Salad Dressings

Happy Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day to all of my fellow dietitians out there! Not sure what a dietitian does? Understand the difference between a registered dietitian vs. a nutritionist. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day commemorates the dedication of RDNs as advocates for advancing the nutritional status of Americans and people around the world! As Gandhi would say, be the change you wish to see in the world.


This March 2014 marks the 41st anniversary of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ month long promotion of National Nutrition Month® ! This year’s theme, Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right, is a perfect way to showcase how healthy foods can taste great!


To celebrate National Nutrition Month, I wanted to share this easy do-it-yourself guide to making homemade salad dressings! A flavorful dressing can bring life to any combination of veggies be it a side dish or salad. The recipe possibilities are endless if you think creatively! Simply choose an oil, pick an acid, then add a flavoring and herb or spice and presto – the perfect salad dressing! Practice makes perfect so get in the kitchen today and do your part to show the world how to make healthy foods taste great!

DIY Salad Dressings



Happy National Nutrition Month! How are you celebrating RDN Day?


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