Fall Apple Picking!

It’s that time of year again – autumn! Check out the beautiful trees changing color right outside our window!


The season calls for all things involving apples, pumpkins, mulling spice, apple cider, winter squash and hot tea. What better way to celebrate then a trip out to Kuiper’s Family Farm to pick some delicious apples right from the orchard!


Last weekend I went apple picking with my two favorite people – Catherine and Jessica!


The orchard was extremely busy for a Sunday afternoon, so we patiently waited in line while enjoying the crisp fall weather and some freshly popped kettle corn – delicious.


Finally we were aboard the tracker and on our way out to the heart of the orchard.   image5-2 image4-2 image6-2 image2-2

Some of our favorite varieties picked included Liberty, Empire, and Gala! We also enjoyed some BBQ pulled pork for lunch, a fresh apple cider donut (you can’t visit the orchard without indulging on one of these), and brought home gallons of apple cider and of course plenty of apples!


Can’t wait to turn some of my apples into a delicious apple crisp! Cheers!

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