Taste of Chicago Weekend!

A couple of weeks ago my whole family came into town from Nebraska to visit for the Taste of Chicago! They visited for an entire 5 days – we had so much fun!

First stop upon their arrival, The Gage! We sat out on the patio and had a few drinks to start. My sister is getting married in April so we had all sorts of wedding planning to discuss!


We ordered the infamous Scotch Egg and Cherries Jubilee to munch on. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was hoppin’ for a Thursday afternoon!

On Friday we made our way to the Taste of Chicago! We even met up with my aunt and uncle who happened to be there the same day as all of us! Some of my favorite things from the event – Elotes from Taco Joint and an original Rainbow Cone – so delicious on a hot day!

On Saturday we went to Wrigleyville to watch the Cubs play the Cardinals. Go Cubs Go!image-6-
It was a great game and the Cubs won so we all had a great time!
On Sunday we had lunch at Sweetwater. We ordered the bacon wrapped shrimp for an appetizer and Alina and I split the grilled fish tacos. Yum.
Next stop, Oak Street Beach.

Sunday was a beautiful day for the beach and even though we didn’t make it there until 4PM, there was still plenty of sunshine.

Can’t wait to see my family again when Will and I travel to Omaha in August for Alina’s engagement party! Cheers!

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