Spicy Corn Salad with Walnuts and Feta

Over the Fourth of July weekend, we went over to a friends house and someone had brought this delicious corn salad with feta. It was so tasty I had to recreate it at home with my own spicy twist!

Many recipes for corn salad call for jalapeno, but after visiting the farmers market last weekend and getting my hands on a bunch of Melrose peppers, I couldn’t help but put a Chicago twist on the recipe.

If you aren’t familiar with Melrose peppers, the story goes like this. An Italian family immigrated to Melrose Park (a western suburb of Chicago) many many years ago and brought with them the seeds of these authentic sweet peppers. The peppers quickly grew in popularity with local gardeners throughout Chicago and are now an Italian staple at many Chicagoland farmers markets. The rest of history.


The other secret ingredient, MO Rub. I am obsessed with this stuff…OBSESSED. When summer grilling season hits, this all-purpose rub goes on everything in our kitchen…and I mean everything. Even corn salad. IMG_2694

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