Sunday Morning Lemon Poppy Seed Waffles

Sunday morning called for waffles! But not just any waffles; I wanted something summery, something light, something refreshing. Enter lemon and poppy seeds – possibly one of the best culinary combinations.  IMG_2665

Let me preface this post by saying I never make waffles…never…ever. Probably because I’d rather fill my grumbling belly with fruits, vegetables and protein in the form of a smoothie to carry me through the morning instead of a high carb fluffy piece of bread covered with sticky maple syrup that will undoubtedly spike my blood sugar and send me into a mid-morning snooze fest. However, you only live once. And with a few healthy tweaks, I was able to add additional protein, fruit and fiber to the recipe (adapted from Joy the Baker) to ward off any Sunday morning guilt.



A week or so ago I bought some red currants at the farmers market because they seemed interesting. They have kind of a sweet and tart flavor to them – almost like a mix between a cranberry and a raspberry. I ate a few handfuls as snacks, but found that cooking them down in a pot with a little water and sugar made the perfect fruit compote for my lemon waffles…drool.


What’s your favorite summer dish for Sunday morning brunch?

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