Rick Bayless Garden Tour

A couple weeks ago, my girlfriends and I went on a tour of the Rick Bayless garden! It was absolutely beautiful!


Located on three adjacent city lots in Bucktown neighborhood, Rick Bayless’ private garden secretly grows organic lettuce, herbs, peppers and more organic for his local restaurants.

IMG_20130620_175602 IMG_20130620_175614

Check out all that lettuce! Most of the lettuces were actually recently harvested, but there was certainly no wasted space at this garden!IMG_20130620_175704

The tour was led by garden manager, garden manager, Bill Shores, of Shores Garden Consulting – an extremely knowledgeable gardening expert!

IMG_20130620_175636  IMG_20130620_182518

IMG_20130620_175715 IMG_20130620_180213

The garden features a mix of traditional beds, raised beds, containers and vertical garden space.

IMG_20130620_180043 IMG_20130620_175947
Even a pond and a citrus tree!
IMG_20130620_182522 IMG_20130620_180103

An onsite beehive pollinates all of the plants on site. And of course my lovely dietitian gals Jessica and Catherine looking beautiful in the garden!

IMG_20130620_180223 IMG_20130620_181805  IMG_20130620_182627

An agave tree (a gift to Rick from a tequila supplier) was struggling to grow in the Chicago weather in the corner of the garden.

Rick has a greenhouse up on the deck of his house to continue to grow plants throughout the winter!600146_900045112197_1614153967_n 1003665_10151689200641329_1286238577_n   

We learned about Rick’s extensive outdoor kitchen, container plantings, organic vegetable garden, composting system and more!

The amount of production that comes out of these 3 small lots is quite incredible. Rick Bayless is truly the perfect model for urban food production. If you are a gardener or just a foodie like me lacking a green thumb, I highly recommend you tour these incredible grounds!

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