Grilled Salmon with Cherry Balsamic Salad

While the first day of summer is still 2 weeks away, I’m ready for the summer salad season to begin! The weather here in Chicago has been unfortunately chilly for June but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying delicious grilled food and cold brews indoors!

With family in town all last week, my fridge was an empty sad sight and I felt like I hadn’t been grocery shopping in ages. Instead of rushing off to the gym and scrambling for some take out before bedtime, we decided to lay low, do some grocery shopping and enjoy the hockey game with a few cold ones instead. I grilled up some salmon and made a quick summer salad for dinner to enjoy during the game.


If you don’t find the process of pitting cherries therapeutic, you’ll probably find it to be a big pain in the a** as you curse your way through this recipe covering your kitchen table and apron with stains of cherry juice. Get a cherry pitter. They are inexpensive and will save you time and cleanup in the kitchen. Besides, think of all the ways you could use cherries this summer! You won’t regret it.

Another tip, many whole grains like barley take a while to cook (45-60 minutes at best). Pick a grain at the start of the week, cook a big batch, and use it in various recipes. Don’t let timely whole grains cost you your sanity either.

Cheers to the Blackhawks!

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