Weekend Updates!

May was such a busy month I can’t believe how little time I had to blog! Let me catch you all up to speed with a few updates from May!

Over Easter weekend, we drove to Omaha to visit our families and joined in on some Easter Sunday bowling!935275_10100842791391263_1290755507_n    
Don’t let the good form fool you…I am one of the world’s worst bowlers….

Next up, Derby weekend! We took a trip to Minnesota for a surprise retirement party for Will’s uncle. The party doubled as a Kentucky Derby party as we all crowded around the TV cheering on our horses.

I was in charge of crushing ice with the Vitamix while my in-laws ran the Mint Julep bar!

My in-laws brought their dog Niles in from Omaha with them and as always, he loved all the attention!

Cheers to betting on the the lucky horse! As you can see…neither of us bet on the winning horse. But we enjoyed a weekend of good food and great company! We even made a stop at the Mall of America on our way home!
The day after we arrived home from Minnesota, my dad stopped by while he was in town and we took a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry with my aunt and cousin Maggi.

P1000808 P1000814
The best part of course was “riding” on the Burlington Zepher!

We toured the train and made friends with all the fake passengers.P1000809P1000811   
The dark train lent itself to some lovely grainy photographs…


 P1000816P1000817 The old-fashioned cable cars reminded me of when I lived in San Francisco for a year back in 2004…seems like just yesterday.

This past weekend, my mom came into town for a family graduation party. She stayed a day in the city with us before heading out to the suburbs to stay with other relatives.

Will and I took her to dinner at Nacional 27. We started off with mojitos and margaritas

We started off with a few tapas. Marinated Chicken Skewer with cilantro sofrito.

Empanada trio and Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche with citrus, sweet peppers and avocado.

Argentinean Skewer with chimichurri and salsa brava. We loved this one so much we ordered a large dinner skewer called Argentinian Grill including a mix of grill skirt steak, housemade chorizo and chicken sausage served with coconut rice, black beans, chimichurri salsa and salsa brava. After dinner, we had dessert cocktails – Will had the Horchata (mexican style with rice, condensed milk and cinnamon spiked with bacardi) and I had Champurrado (vanilla-cinnamon-chocolate coffee spiked with dark rum). It was all amazing!

That same day, my cousin Maggi and I went for pedicures and we all met up at the Berghoff for lunch and a few Berghoff Brews.

The next night, I went out to Rockit in River North with my dietitian girls, Catherine and Jess to celebrate Jess’s birthday! Happy birthday Jess!

This past weekend was the North Central Regional Crossfit Games at Navy Pier and while we were at Rockit Saturday night, we spotted a guy sporting a games shirt, compression sleeves and workout shoes having a beer. He either had no other clothes to wear that evening or was eliminated from the games and needed to hit up a bar as quickly as possible.


Yesterday was my cousin Amber’s 8th grade graduation party! We headed out to Lincolnshire to my aunt and uncle’s house for the party. My mom, dad and sister Alina were all in town to celebrate! I can’t believe how old these girls are getting! I remember when they were all just babies! From left to right my cousins Maggi, Amber and Caprice– love you girls!


At the graduation party we enjoyed great food, drinks, and even a moon bounce in the company of friends and family.
I had to get a couple jumps in before we left!

Finally back in the city after a fabulous weekend!

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