Snow Day!

I’ve been waiting for this all winter! 8-10 inches of snow is well on its way to the windy city! I woke up this morning to the snow blowing and the streets slowly being covered in a beautiful crisp blanket of white. While I was really tempted to go for a run outside to enjoy the weather, I opted for the treadmill in the gym of my building instead to try to catch the forecast and a little Hoda and Kathy Lee. A short 2 miles with my current favorite running tunes.

With most people working from home today and school out, I had a morning event cancellation that left me to enjoy the Snow Day as well! My dad is coming into town tomorrow morning and we have plans to check out the Museum of Science and Industry! Neither of us have been there in years, and the science geek inside of me couldn’t be more excited!

Got to get to some house cleaning!

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