Fajita Taco Pizza

First things first – check out Eat Chic Chicago quoted in Shape magazine in an article called The Best Breakfasts for You! I am so excited to be a part of this!

Secondly, we did NOT hang the Urbio this weekend. Turns out it requires drilling 45 holes in the wall…so we are going to wait, brainstorm about how to minimize the destruction that this would cause to our rented apartment wall, and save the project for when Will’s folks come into town next month (my father-in-law is much more handy than either of us could ever be).

Thirdly, The Biggest Loser was on again last night (yes, I’m obsessed), and I am loving how Bob’s team always does crossfit! Check out this interview by Carrot N’ Cake with Bob Harper on why he loves crossfit!

Bob Harper before and after a crossfit workout. (source) Gotta love him.

On that note, here my crossfit workout last night:

4 Rounds for Time:

  • 30 KB Swings (30#– I saw too many people almost injure their back with heavy weight, so I erred on the lighter side)
  • 15 Med Ball Cleans (14#)


5 Rounds – NOT for time

  • 5 Dead Hang Pull Ups
    5 Ring Dips

This actually reminded me a bit of last Monday’s workout.

Moving on to dinner…Fajita Taco Pizza…yum.


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