Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

The weekend has arrived! While I had planned a highly productive Saturday for myself with a whole list of things to get done, unfortunately almost none of it got accomplished and instead relaxation prevailed. After some work early this morning, we headed out for a crossfit workout. Saturday Team WOD = get your ass kicked before you relax for the weekend.

Team WOD: In teams of 3, one person rows 250 meters, while one person works through as many kettle bells as possible and the third person rests. Once the 250m is completed, everyone rotates until all kettle bells are completed. Then you move on to the next exercise in the same manner until everything is completed. Oh yeah, and your whole team has to do 3 burpees together in between rotations…classic.

  • 150 kettle bell swings (35#)
  • 125 front squat (55#)
  • 100 box jumps
  • 75 wall balls (16#)
  • 50 pull ups

My team finished first in a little over 32 minutes – all of us barley alive by the end. This is where my Saturday turned lazy. After coming home from the gym, eating lunch, and taking a shower I laid down on the bed to browse over some cookbooks for meal ideas, and fell asleep for a good 2-3 hours…whoops. I guess getting back into crossfit has really taken a lot outta me!

Will and I decided to spend the evening at Navy Pier. When we were in college, we used to go down there rather often to eat at the infamous Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. For old times sake, we stopped in for dinner. While it was nice to be out and about, the food wasn’t nearly as amazing as I remember. I guess my palate for fish and chips has changed over the years with all the cooking we now do at home…this is probably for the best!

We walked around the pier, stopping in all the classic tourist shops and mocking what they had to offer.  Will found a classic water bottle with his name on which looked quite stylish with it’s ever convenient carabiner. And I almost had to buy this beauty, but decided there were better ways to express my love than a cheap magnet with a faded image of Navy Pier decorating the background.


Per usual, tourists flooded the pier, all having a grand old time. We tried our best to fit in and then jumped on the bus back home.


If you can’t beat em’, join em’! 🙂

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