Ginger & Garlic Teriyaki Salmon

I finally finished reading A Stolen Life last night (definitely a must read!) while watching the Australian Open. Talk about an impressive performance by Sloane Stephens against Serena Williams! Today I started reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain . I’m loving Bourdain’s crude, bad-ass New Yorker style of writing. I’ve been meaning to read this book ever since my very first culinary class in Omaha taught by a stocky ruthless female chef who nearly failed me for my poor knife skills and inability to correctly poach an egg in a pot of swirling boiling water.


My plan was to make veggie spring rolls with peanut sauce to couple with my teriyaki salmon tonight, but when I didn’t get cooking until 7PM, this idea quickly went out the window. And instead, we had this!


Lately, I’ve been loving the Lundberg Heat and Eat Long Grain Brown Rice bowls. These microwaveable bowls allow me to have brown rice in 60-90 seconds rather than 45 minutes! Perfect for dinner in a hurry.

Will and I have what I would consider a simple, yet highly effective kitchen system. Nothing makes me want to cook at home less than a sink full of dirty dishes and overflowing kitchen garbage. So we developed a routine. Every night after I cook dinner, Will loads the dishes into the dishwasher and flips it on. I wipe down all the counters and take out the trash every other night. In the morning while my coffee is brewing, I unload the clean dishes so everything is set and ready for our next meal. This way we can load the dishwasher throughout the day, finish filling it at dinner time, and start again fresh the next day. I find that waking up to (or coming home late to) a clean kitchen is extremely inviting and inspires me to keep cooking!

On that note, got to go take out the trash! What’s your kitchen routine?

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