Linguine with White Wine Mushroom Sauce

One of my favorite things about the holidays is eggnog. Yes, you heard me, good old-fashioned eggnog! I only every buy 1 container a year, and therefore I’m extremely picky about my eggnog. The best eggnogs out there (in my opinion) come from Trader’s Point Creamery in Indiana (I love their milk and yogurt products and this year they created an eggnog!) and Kalona Supernatural from Iowa. Both come from grass-fed cows on organic local farms – no hormones, no antibiotics, low-temp, pasteurized , and old fashion cream tops.

The best way to drink eggnog? In your COFFEE! Replace your usual cream with eggnog to start your day off festively! With eggnog as rich as these, you only need a tiny bit in your coffee to get your holiday fix. I buy one container, add it to my coffee during December, and then toss the idea until next year. No guilt or major health violations here with simple moderation.

After working all morning in my PJs while enjoying some Saturday morning coffee with eggnog, I finally made it out of the house for a meeting at Donna’s Cafe. This is one of my new favorite places in the South Loop – it’s a small family run coffee shop with the nicest people, cozy couches, great coffee, and live jazz on Saturday nights!

Dinner tonight was Linguine with White Wine Mushroom Sauce – one of our new favorite dishes!


Off to see Life of Pi in 3D! I read the book several years ago and can’t wait to see the movie!


  1. I really enjoyed speaking with you this afternoon…I left so inspired! Oh, and I must try eggnog in my coffee…that sounds delicious:)

  2. Hi Amari,

    Just discovered your blog through a search for lettuce varieties. I really wanted to pin this to Pinterest. Of course I can copy and paste the URL, but have you thought of adding some sort of button allowing for sharing on various social media sites?

    I’d be much obliged.

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