My Urban Kitchen

It’s hard to believe we have already been in our new place for over a month! During that time, I’ve spent a fair amount of time organizing my kitchen – making sure everything is perfectly placed for easy cooking!

So here it is, my small urban kitchen in all its glory.

Frequently used cookbooks and the ceramic canister I use to store my onions and potatoes out of sight.

I love having salt and pepper easily accessible in magnetic canisters above my stovetop.

My new Cuisinart coffee machine and Vitamix always ready for quick use! I recently bought a holder to hold my paper towels on the wall so that they are off the counter and am totally loving the counter space that it saves!
We even installed a knife magnet above the sink to hold all our knives – goodbye knife block!

I bought this tall wooden table from a friend of mine who was going to sell it at her garage sale! With a little sanding and new stain, the table was good as new and now matches our cherry cabinets. I’ve always wanted a hanging pot rack, but with our tall cement ceilings, it simply wasn’t possible in the new place. So Will installed a couple rods underneath our kitchen table so I could hang my pots underneath. This has been the best space saver yet and I love the easy access to all my pots and pans!
Getting organized…

I keep all my different salts out on the kitchen table ready to garnish any dish. Recently I’ve got Himalayan Pink salt, Hawaiian Black salt and a salt that my friend Sarah brought back for me from Paris! We aren’t exactly sure what type of salt it is, but I think it has lavender in it!

Bon appetite!

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