Farmer’s Market and Football

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend as much as I am. The weather in Chicago has been beautiful all day today – perfect for football and farmers markets! This morning I made my way over to the Printer’s Row farmers market in our new neighborhood!


While there were only about 5 booths at the small farmers market, I still managed to come home with some goodies! I brought home some Honey crisp apples and a container of local Apple Cider made in Michigan! After the farmer’s market we made our way over to Crossfit for a 11AM Team WOD. Usually Saturdays at the gym are pretty laid back, but today’s workout was tough.

Teams of two carried weighted barbells down the street to start off the workout. We got plenty of strange looks from local neighbors and those driving by!


The weather was perfect for a few photos of our view from our new place! Looking south-west.


Looking north-west. I can actually see the Willis Tower from my bed at night!

I finally unpacked my cameras and have been playing with our Canon Rebel in the new natural light that pours into our apartment throughout the day. It makes for some awesome photos! Anyways, with a winning day in football (both Northwestern and Nebraska taking victories), I’m off to bed. Ciao!


  1. Cool views from the new place. What an upgrade!

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