Paros, Greece

After visiting Mykonos we headed off to our next island, Paros!

We arrived via high-speed catamaran! The boat tossed around quite a bit, but was only a short 45 minutes.
Paros is a port island with lots of people coming and going. So much so that it is commonly referred to as “the place you stop on the way to somewhere else”.

Within a few hours of our arrival we were mobile!

We got out our map and toured the island on our bike. We made a quick stop near Lefkes, a quaint little village at the top of a hill with breathtaking views!

We also made a stop at Golden Beach! One of our guidebooks claimed this beach to be the best in Greece. It was pretty empty when we were there at dusk. Will and I like a beach that is a little more hopping, but the sand was the best (or rather, finest) of 10 or so beaches we went to.

Golden Beach is also home to the kite surfing world championships every year. It is situated along the eastern coast of Paros, across from Naxos. The two islands channel the wind, making for consistently optimal kite and wind surfing conditions. The west coast of Paros has another beach across from Antiparos, which creates the same wind effect.

The calm water and soft sand made for a perfect walk along the shore.

Some quick sand art before the water washed it all away.

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The setting sun made for a fun photo opportunity!
The next day we set out for Santa Maria Beach near the town of Naoussa!

The beaches in Paros were much less populated than those in Mykonos making for a perfect quiet day at the beach.

Parikia, the capital of Paros where we stayed, was beautiful with all its port lights at night.
We stopped to see the Church of a Hundred Doors.

The church dates back to 326AD!
I finally built up the courage to take the drivers seat!
We only stayed in Paros for 2 nights. The island was much quieter than Mykonos and filled with mostly locals. We spent our days at the beaches and evenings in Parikia shopping and sitting outside at cafes drinking wine and people watching near the port.
Yassou Paros! Off to Santorini!

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