Deal of the Week: Naked Fruit Juice

In case you haven’t noticed, super-couponing has become a major trend this year. Reality TV has led us to believe that super-couponing results in an at-home stockpile of junk food including everything from candy and sugary cereals to cookies and soda. To break away from this myth I wanted to start a “Deal of the Week” post each week to show how you can reap the benefits of super-couponing while also walking away with healthy foods! So here it goes…

Deal of the week:


Naked Juice Smoothies (15.2 oz.)

Usual Price – $3.39 each

Couponed Price – $1.64 each

There is currently a printable $1 off printable coupon available when you vote for Naked Juice on Facebook. Additionally, there is a $0.75 off printable coupon in the Whole Foods Market Whole Deal available both online and in-store. You can “stack” these coupons together at the supermarket because the first is a manufacturers coupon while the second is a store coupon. This is how super-coupons obtain most of their deals. This takes the price of Naked Juice Smoothies down to $1.64 each!

Currently at my Whole Foods Market, the Naked Fruit Juice and Oat Smoothies are on sale for $2.99, so with coupons included it takes these down to $1.24 each!

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