Weekend Ski Trip

Will and I recently took a weekend getaway to go night skiing and snow tubing at Sunburt Ski Area in Kewaskum, Wisconsin! Do I know how to ski? The answer is no. So I was in for a treat…

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First things first. I am a ski school drop out. I got my lift ticket and my skis and was ready to hit ski school until I found out that ski school was an hour and a half long. I stayed for about 10 minutes before hitting the slopes to simply “learn by doing”. Luckily, it turns out that I am a total natural when it comes to skiing and walked away injury-free. I only fell about 4 times and had graduated from Bunny Slope to Blue Square runs by the end of the night!


After a few hours of skiing we moved on to snow tubing. Talk about reliving childhood!


We grabbed what appeared to be the fasted tubes and headed up the hill…


…via a moving walkway. What?! I would have been able to sled all day as a kid if we had these installed at my local park!


…I’m the blur on the left-hand side flying down the hill on my tube. It. was. awesome.


We ended the night with a cold local Sprechers beer and s’mores by the campfire to stay warm!


We stayed in Milwaukee for the night and hit up Stack’d Burger Bar for brunch the next morning where we could find some Paleo-friendly grass-fed beef and local produce before heading back to Chicago.

I’m officially hooked to winter sports! Unfortunately we only have a couple inches of snow on the ground here in Chicago. However, I can’t wait to someday put my ski skills to practice on a real mountain!

Tomorrow I’m headed to Naperville for the West Suburban Dietetics Association “Brushing up on Consumer Trends” seminar. Any fellow Chicagoans planning to be at this? Reach out to me!

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