The Big News!

In case you haven’t herd the big news this past week here it is. We’re engaged!

This past weekend Will proposed to me in the best way possible. After a fabulous day of shopping (I bought new clothes from Lululemon and a pair of new running shoes!) we ate a romantic dinner at La Madia, my favorite contemporary pizza restaurant downtown Chicago. After dinner we relaxed at home with a bottle of wine, listened to a little Michael Buble (who we met back in 2004 when we saw him at a small concert in Minnesota before he became popular) and played our usual game of backgammon. Aside from 80 year old men, I think we are the only people I know who even know how to play the game. We have been playing backgammon ever since Will taught me how to play during our first dates at Crane Coffee (a local Omaha coffee shop) back in high school 8 years ago.
After returning from the kitchen for more wine, it was my turn to play. I picked up my dice cup, shook them up and let ÔÇÿem roll. I could not have been more surprised when a new set of dice displaying the big question rolled out of my hand! It was the perfect proposal, so thoughtful, and so "us”. Smile 

We are still in the “tell everybody” phase but wedding plans will soon be in the works! I couldn’t be happier and cannot wait to spend all of my years with the love of my life who I can’t imagine being without!

I feel like I need to bake some celebratory treats this weekend! With my new job I haven’t had time to cook a fun recipe in forever so stay tuned for something new!


  1. What a cute proposal! (And gorgeous ring). Congrats!

  2. Jolie Lewis-Rubin

    Amari – There is a great backgammon community in Chicago and I feel bad that you don’t know about it. Please check out this website. There are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night weekly clubs that I know about. Me and my husband love to play!


  3. Got you website from LifeTime Fitness.
    Congratulations! Beautiful ring!

  4. Congrats! 🙂

  5. Congratulations! How romantic!

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