25 Days to a Healthier Holiday Recap

25 Days to a Healthier Holiday finally came to an end yesterday. I had such a fun time giving you guys holiday tips, it was a great way to get in the Christmas spirit!

Posts that were set to go up during the last few days didn’t post on their corresponding days and instead they all went up yesterday. Sorry about that, I’ve got to figure out what’s going on with my Live Writer! Be sure to check out the ones you may have missed!

Here is a quick recap of what happened over the past 25 days!

  1. Tackling the Mall Food Court
  2. Holiday Calorie Quiz
  3. Tips for Staying Active this Holiday Season
  4. Holiday Party Survival Tips
  5. Holiday Cookie Calories
  6. Healthy Holiday Baking Substitutions
  7. Healthy Holiday Gifts
  8. Christmas Snickerdoodle Cookies
  9. Christmas Music to Move to
  10. Healthy Holiday Cocktail Ideas
  11. Decorate for the Holidays
  12. Holiday Snacks – Curried Parsnip Ribbons
  13. Snacks for Holiday Shopping
  14. Christmas Oldies but Goodies
  15. Healthy Holiday Teas
  16. How to Recover from a Holiday Hangover
  17. Holiday Gift Ideas for Foodies
  18. Foods to Give you Holiday Energy
  19. How to Down-Size your Holiday Baking
  20. Holiday Races to Sign up For
  21. Holiday Coffee Brewing Tips
  22. How to Build a Healthy Gingerbread House
  23. Healthy Christmas Snack Ideas
  24. Healthy Holiday Cookie Recipes
  25. Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

Now on to New Year’s Resolutions right? Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

It’s 9*F outside today, but that isn’t going to stop me from going for a run! After all of the Christmas indulgences in my diet during the past couple of days I need some exercise! Is anyone going to hit the malls for after Christmas sales today? I know I am!

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