Holiday Brewing Tips

Whether you are brewing coffee for a holiday brunch or planning on giving the coffee lover in your life a gift, use these tips to ensure you get the most from your morning Cup of Joe.


Where do the beans come from? The flavor of coffee depends on what part of the world it comes from. Coffee from Latin American has flavors of nuts and cocoa. Coffee from Africa is aromatic with a strong fruity and floral flavors while coffee from Asia/Indo-Pacific coffees are full-bodied, earthy, acidic, and bright.

When were the beans roasted? After beans have been roasted, you have about 2 weeks before the flavor starts to fade. Some coffee vendors list the roasting date on the bag, but not all. Some coffee houses will roast to order, so be sure to ask around!

Is the bag good? Freshly roasted beans give off carbon dioxide gas. Look for valve-sealed bags that allow carbon dioxide out but no oxygen in. Beans that do not have a valve seal have been aired out and are not as fresh. So be sure to stay clear of bulk bins when it comes to coffee beans!

When were the beans ground? Store your beans in an airtight canister away from light and grind the beans just before brewing to get the freshest cup of coffee. Once the beans are ground, the flavor oils evaporate and the coffee is only good for about a day or two. Keep your beans whole for up to two weeks and grind as you go!

What temperature is the water? In order to get the best tasting cup of coffee, the water needs to be 195-205*F. Many automatic-drip coffeemakers don’t reach that mark. The best way to control the temperature of your water is to use a French press or percolator where the water reaches a boil before brewing.

What is your coffee to water ratio? To get a rich, intensive flavor try using a coffeehouse ratio – 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of water.

Is the coffee fair trade? Fair-trade coffee is certified to come from small farmer cooperatives that are paid a premium of 10 cents per pound (20 cents for organic).

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  1. Love these tips! I always feel like my coffee isn’t as good as the coffee shops even though I THINK I’m doing everything right!


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