More Holiday Gift Ideas

In case you didn’t get enough ideas from my last post on holiday gifts, here are a few more great ideas for the foodie in your life!

Join a Community Supported Agriculture – Offer to sign a friend or family up for a community supported agriculture program. A CSA has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. Farmers offer shares for sale to the public, consumers purchase a “share” in the form of a membership or subscription and receive a box of fruits and vegetables weekly throughout the farming season. Go to to find a CSA program near you!

Adopt an Olive Tree – Nudo is an olive grove in Italy. You can adopt an olive tree for a year and receive all of the produce from your tree. Imagine dunking your bread in oil from your own tree thousands of miles away on a hillside in Italy! With the adoption you’ll receive spring and fall packages with all the extra virgin olive oil from your tree, even flavored oils. Go to to adopt a tree for yourself, a friend, or family member.

Give a Fruit Bouquet – Edible Arrangments creates the most creative fruit bouquets you’ve ever seen. Order a fresh fruit arrangement complimented by chocolate dipped fruit for the perfect holiday gift! Go to to order a bouquet and have it delivered in times for the holidays.

The Illustrated Cook’s Book of Ingredients –  This comprehensive show-and-tell reference to ingredients from around the globe showcases fresh food and explains how to get the best out of it. This obok is the perfect addition to any busy kitchen!

The Food Substitution Bible – this International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) award winner contains more than 5,500 substitutions for ingredients, equipment, and techniques. It is the perfect gift for any cook!

The Flavor Bible – Based on the wisdom of America’s more imaginative chefs, this book is an essential guide to culinary creativity. The authors offer tips and ideas on how to season foods with the best combination of ingredients to bring out the delicious natural flavors in your next meal.

What are you planning on giving the foodie in your life this holiday?

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