How to Recover from a Holiday Hangover

We’ve all been there. You went to a holiday party last night, had a few too many cocktails, and woke up this morning without any energy and feeling completely dysfunctional. So how can you cure that holiday hang over and return to your normal energetic self? Here are a few tips to keep in mind!

  • After returning home from the party:
    • Drink water – before going to bed drink 2 large glasses of water to prevent dehydration during the night.
    • Get enough sleep – getting enough sleep after a late night is key to curing a holiday hangover; aim for at least 8 hours a sleep to wake up feeling energized.
  • The next morning:
    • Rehydrate – the symptoms of a hangover are due to dehydration. Replenish your body in the morning with water, orange juice, or sports drinks to replenish lost fluid and electrolytes.
    • Avoid caffeine – coffee, tea, and soda dehydrate the body and therefore will only worsen the symptoms of a hangover
    • Take a shower – a hot or cold shower may help relax the body and reduce any tension that may be causing aches and pains associated with a hangover.
  • Throughout the day:
    • Drink seltzer water or herbal tea – drinking seltzer water or decaffeinated tea (such as peppermint or ginger tea) can help settle a nauseous stomach.
    • Exercise – exercise increases blood circulation and helps the body rid of toxins; take a brisk walk, go for a jog, or take a trip to the gym – you won’t regret it
    • Eat mild foods – mild foods like bananas, crackers, toast, and rice can help prevent further stomach upset.

The best preventative medicine is to remember to enjoy holiday alcoholic beverages in moderation; have fun, but don’t over do it!

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