Holiday Party Survival Tips

Healthy tips for holiday parties
The holidays only come once a year, but seasonal parties and events tend to be filled with caloric foods that can hamper your healthy eating habits. Don’t let the fear of holiday food distract you from having fun with friends and family. Use these tips to help you make healthy food choices that won’t derail your diet this holiday season.

  • Never arrive to a party hungry. It can be difficult to make good food choices when you’re famished. Have some soup, a small salad, a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit before you leave.
  • Take a walk around the party and see what food is available. Make a note of the healthy selections before grabbing a plate.
  • Fill 3/4 of your plate with fruits and vegetables. Then choose lean protein and whole grains to fill the rest of the plate.
  • Limit yourself to one trip to the serving table. If you are still hungry, return to the fruit and vegetable options.
  • Cut down on portion sizes by using a smaller plate and eat slowly to savor holiday treats without overeating.
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption by alternating your drink with a glass of water throughout the night. Drinking alcohol lowers your inhibitions, making you more likely to make poor food choices.
  • Watch out for calorie-dense appetizers. A handful of cheese and crackers or a few chicken wings can set you back hundreds of calories without satisfying your hunger. Select one or two pieces of cheese to savor and save your calories for healthier options at dinner time.
  • Enjoy desserts in small portions. The first three or four bites that taste the best, so take a small portion of your favorite dish and savor each bite.

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