Stay Active this Holiday Season

holiday exercise tips


It’s Day 3 of 25 Days to a Healthier Holiday! How are you holding up with your diet and exercise regimen this holiday season?

Remember to stay active. Don’t mistake being “busy” for being “active.” You still need to exercise at least 30 minutes each day. If you are pressed for time, break it up into a few smaller sessions throughout the day; excuses won’t get you anywhere. Many winter activities can double as your workout for the day, depending on the amount of calories you burn of course! How many calories are you burning within 30 minutes of your holiday errands and activities this time of the year?

  • Cooking a holiday meal for family or friends – 90 calories
  • Driving around the city in search for the perfect gift – 72 calories
  • Finishing up housework before your guests arrive – 100 calories
  • Talking on the phone to friends & relatives – 36 calories
  • Packing a suitcase to visit family across the country – 72 calories
  • Sledding or tobogganing with the kids at the park – 234 calories
  • Shopping amongst the crazy holiday crowds – 80 calories
  • Downhill skiing on beautiful snowy mountains – 297 calories
  • Cross-country skiing around the neighborhood – 386 calories
  • Shoveling the snow you waited all year to see – 206 calories
  • Standing & chatting with friends & family at a party – 40 calories
  • Washing dishes after a long night of good company – 77 calories
  • Loading & unloading packages at the post office – 108 calories
  • Building a snowman with the kids outside– 135 calories

In case you missed it, check out tips from Day 1 & Day 2!

Note: calorie amounts are based on a 150lb person performing the activity for 30 minutes.




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