Epic Burger

This weekend I had the opportunity to try out a few new restaurants around the Chicago area! First up, Epic Burger!

Located in the south loop, Epic Burger is a casual burger joint that serves fresh, all-natural, hand-formed, cooked-to-order hamburgers using ingredients from local merchants . The menu is simple: choose your meat, bun, and toppings. Make it a combo with fries and a drink or don’t.

Meat choices include all beef, turkey, chicken breast, or Portobello mushroom. Choose either a white or wheat freshly baked and toasted bun. Toppings include your typical lettuce, tomato, and pickle with a choice of raw or grilled onion as well as atypical ingredients like cage-free organic fried egg, nitrite-free bacon, and “epic” sauce. They also offer a variety of delicious Wisconsin cheeses including one-year aged cheddar, buttermilk blue, and horseradish havarti.

If you decide to make your meal a combo, you won’t be disappointed. The fries are made with fresh potatoes that are cut and cooked without any processing steps in between. For drinks there is everything from fountain drinks and teas to all-natural malts and smoothies. I went for the turkey burger with grilled onions, cheddar, and epic sauce when I ate lunch here. It was quite messy, but incredibly delicious! (Unfortunately I neglected to bring my camera with me so I don’t have a picture of the burger for you guys!)

Epic Burger has a casual, modern atmosphere that considers the environment.

In addition to using energy efficient equipment, Epic Burger uses recyclable plates and utensils instead of petroleum-based packaging. With a motto to serve “a more mindful burger”, Epic Burger sets itself apart .from the typical fast food burger restaurant.  If you are looking for a good old burger and fries with a twist, Epic Burger is your place.

Check out these 7 Epic Rules posted on the wall of the restaurant:

  1. Not All Burgers are Created Equal – Burgers this mouth-watering are only made with 100% fresh chuck, all natural beef. No hormones, no antibiotics, and fed a strict vegetarian diet. But please, no drooling.
  2. No Frozen Hockey Pucks Allowed – Machine pressed? Frozen? Never. We hand pack our beef and cook it fresh to order. That means first you order it, then we cook itÔÇöin case you were wondering.
  3. The Bun is the Beginning and the End – With burgers this good, you can’t just slap on any old bun. That’s why our buns are baked fresh daily at local bakeries. No preservatives or artificial ingredients.
  4. When Made Right, Fries are a D?¿licieux! – Fries are a big deal to us, so everything has to be freshÔÇöfresh cut and fresh cooked. And quite frankly, we think the French wouldn’t have it any other way.
  5. It’s Not Nice to Food Mother Nature – We keep it real. Like real butter, real cheese crafted by Wisconsin cheese makers, pure sea salt, cage-free organic eggs, trans-fat free oil, and nitrate free bacon. (After all, anything that sounds as weird as nitrate or trans shouldn’t be in food anyway.)
  6. Fresh Produce TastesWell, Fresher РWe make every effort to get the freshest produce with the lowest possible mileage. Result? Less time on trucks, less fuel; better veggies, better world.
  7. Six Rules are Enough – Listen, we don’t need to be making rules all day. You can stop reading now and go eat a burger. If something comes up, we’ll let you know.

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Pictures and information from www.epicburger.com

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