More About: I Love Trader Joe’s Cookbook

Look what came in the mail today! :)! If you remember, I wrote a post about wanting to get The I Love Trader Joe’s Cookbook last month. The author kindly had a copy sent to me to review and I have been anxiously waiting for it to arrive! After an unexplained mystery involving lost mail and the United States post office, it has finally made it to my doorstep.

All of the recipes in this book look so easy and delicious. I cannot wait to start cooking! Stay tuned!

Also, has anyone in Chicago been to the Bleeding Heart Bakery? I have heard great things about this place and plan on making a trip there soon to see what all of the rave is about!

Apparently they have this outrageous cookbook out called Who You Callin’ Cupcake which looks like so much fun! Has anyone baked from this cookbook before?


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