Discovery: Trader Joe’s Cookbook

Have you guys seen this!? I totally stumbled upon The I love Trader Joe’s Cookbook last week while I was out shopping and totally wished I would have bought it!

I shop at Trader Joe’s religiously and the more I think about it the more I want this cookbook 🙂 (as if I didn’t have enough cookbooks already!) I think it could also make a cute gift idea! Has anyone cooked anything from this cookbook? If so what do you think?

Oh yeah, don’t forget that voting for the Foodbuzz Challenge is still underway! Check out my first entry here and vote for your favorite food blog! Vote Eat Chic!


  1. I love Traders too! I have a pocket companion cookbook and I’ve cooked some awesome recipes out of it!

  2. Oh my gracious! Thanks for posting this – I had no idea about this cookbook. I totally just ordered it for kindle on my iPad!! THAT was a no-brainer!


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