Lake Tahoe: Day 1

Our trip to Lake Tahoe this past weekend was amazing! We had such a blast! Unfortunately I was unable to connect to the internet at the inn as planned. 🙁 But nevertheless, here are the pictures at long last!

We arrived in South Lake Tahoe late late Friday night. After an hour drive from the Reno-Tahoe airport we finally arrived at this cute little inn where we stayed called Alder Inn. Alder Inn is owned and run by the the most amazing family with incredible hospitality. Our stay at the Alder Inn was wonderful!

Each room at the inn is themed. Our room had a wild west theme that was so cozy and welcoming! Not to mention the complimentary Bare Naked granola and Craisins greeting us on the bed as we walked in!

Saturday morning we rode bikes over to ride the Heavenly Gondola. The gondola is most commonly used in the winter time as a ski lift, but in the summer it still runs to bring tourists up the mountain for an incredible view of Lake Tahoe.

The ride up the mountain had the most amazing views of Lake Tahoe!

I couldn’t stop taking picturesÔǪ

The first stop off the gondola was a lookout point over Heavenly mountain and Lake Tahoe. The temperature dropped about 15 degrees and the wind picked up due to the change in elevation by the time we reached the lookout!

Here I am looking for Emerald Bay, which we are going to be touring tomorrow on jet skis!

The second and last stop on the gondola was the top of the mountain. Here you can hike a couple trails (which would otherwise be ski runs in the wintertime). We hiked both the East Peak Lookout on the Nevada side of the state line, and the California Trail Lookout on the California side of the state line.


Both trails were extremely hilly and offered a great workout to start off the day!

Taking a break from hiking the hills of the mountain

After our hike we went to Riva Grill, a restaurant on the Marina not too far from our inn. I ordered the most incredible pizza; shrimp, avocado, tomato, pesto, cilantro and mozzarella cheese! This pizza was by far my favorite meal of the trip! I can’t wait to get home and make one of my own!

After a nap after lunch, we drove up the east cost of the lake to Sand Harbor, where the outdoor Shakespeare Festival going on! The stage itself was set up quite simply, but with an amazing backdrop of the lake! The showing for Saturday night was The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged). Three actors set out to cover all of Shakespeare’s work in under 2 hours, quite a feat right? The show was extremely entertaining – the actors put a modern comical spin on Shakespeare that made his work accessible to everyone regardless of how familiar you were with Shakespeare’s work.


We got to sit on beach chairs in the sand and enjoy our own dinner and wine. We had stopped along the way to pick up some tortilla chips with guacamole, some crackers and cheese, and a bottle of white wine from the cutest wine cafe near our inn called Apres Wine Company.

 043 044

And yes, those are glass cups borrowed from the inn. 🙂 Cheers!

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