Taste of Lincoln Avenue

Last night I went to one of the many summer festivals going on around Chicago, the Lincoln Avenue in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The festival featured local bands on five different stages as well as over 200 vendors offering food, beer, art, and carnival games. Despite the 90 degree weather, the festival was a lot of fun and a great spot to people watch and meet up with friends!

At the festival I picked up a quick dinner: a glass of cold sangria and a 10″ Italian sausage! With the smell of summertime grilling in the air I could not pass up the vendor cooking up these Italian sausages!


Check it out! This baby was almost embarrassing to carry around the festival!


But it sure was delicious and well worth the stares from the crowd. Topped with green peppers and onions, I couldn’t have asked for a better summertime dinner. Of course I was only able to get about half way through it before passing it off to the boyfriend, but nevertheless, it was amazing!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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