Salsa Recipes

One of my favorite snacks and easiest thing to make in the summertime is salsa! Here are a few great salsa ideas I’ve come across so far this summer; play around with different amounts of each ingredient to tailor it to your liking!


Gazpacho Salsa Pineapple Mango Salsa
cucumber mango
tomato pineapple
bell pepper jicama
red onion red onion
parsely red pepper
garlic cilantro
sherry vinegar lime juice
camalata olives salt
paprika pepper
Peach and Red Pepper Salsa Fresh Tomato Salsa
peach tomato
red bell pepper red onion
sweet onion garlic
ginger cilantro

jalape??o pepper

jalape??o pepper

lime juice lime juice
cumin salt
salt pepper


Pictured above is Fresh Tomato Salsa; more pictures to come as I use summer fruits and veggies to create different salsas! Mix and match your favorite ingredients to make a one-of-a-kind summer salsa!

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