Yesterday morning, after a 5 mile run in the gorgeous summer weather, I went to brunch at Eggsperience Pancakes & Cafe in the River North area of downtown Chicago. Eggsperience is a newly opened 24 hour breakfast/lunch/dinner restaurant that I had hear nothing but great things about, so I had to check it out!


Eggsperience was bustling on a Saturday afternoon (picture above from; luckily we only had to wait about 15 minutes to get a table. The menu at Eggsperience is endless, they have everything from omelets, pancakes, and crepes to salads, burgers, and paninis.


Upon looking at the menu, I came across a picture of this; the The Famous Oven Baked Apple Pancake. If a restaurant is known for a certain dish, I always have to try it, how else can you get the full restaurant experience without it! I absolutely had to have this pancake. Everything in moderation right?


The Oven Baked Apple Pancake is layered with fresh apples and topped with cinnamon glaze. I barely made it through a forth of this monster pancake before coming to a screeching halt of extreme fullness. Every bite of this pancake was loaded with flavors of baked apple and caramelized sugar, it was incredible! The portions at Eggsperience are enormous, so be careful what you order! I learned this the hard way and ended up taking the majority of my meal home with me!

One of my favorite things to do is go out to breakfast, so far I have fallen in love with Yolk and the Bongo Room here in Chicago, and now I’ll have to add Eggsperience to the list! What’s your favorite breakfast restaurant?


  1. Very nice cake with cinnamon glaze.Definitely gonna try it at this restaurant.

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