Mizuno Wave Inspire 6

I finally bought new running shoes for my half marathon training! I got a pair of Mizunos (the Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 to be exact) from Peak Performance, a sporting goods store in Omaha that specializes in running. The employees there study the way you stand, walk, and maneuver your feet when you run to fit you with the best possible shoe. Based on my old running shoes, which were mostly worn down at the ball of the foot, I tend to rotate my feet slightly inward when I run. Therefore I need a running shoe that provides me with support in the inner sole to compensate.


I chose these pink beauties to take home with me. These shoes are cushy and supportive at the same time. This is my first time wearing Mizuno but I have heard good things about this brand of running shoe. I broke them in a bit at the gym today and am so far very pleased with my purchase!


To go with my new shoes I also bought a pair of Balega socks. While at the running store, I was told that you shouldn’t wear the average cotton socks when you run because they absorb moisture. Balega socks utilize the Drynamix air conditioning system which keeps air flowing through the sock and wicks away moisture to ensure that your feet stay cool and dry. While I don’t have the funds to replace all my current gym socks with socks that contain an air conditioning fabric system, I did purchase one pair that I can use on race day come August!

Do you have a favorite brand of running shoe? Do you wear moisture-wicking socks when you run?


  1. OMG, my last 4 pairs of running shoes have been Mizunos. I love, love, love them! Expensive–but seriously some of the best shoes I have ever worn.

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