As mentioned before, last week was my birthday and I received some of the best gifts from my dearest friends including a Cuisinart Juicer and a Bob’s Red Mill Baking Book! However I do have another gift to share with you all. A wonderful friend gave me a box of my all-time favorite tea – Tazo Vanilla Rooibos! I always order it when I go to Starbucks, but have not been able to find it at stores anywhere (apparently Starbucks sells boxes of it if you are looking!).

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Vanilla Rooibos is a caffeine-free herbal infusion red tea blend of rooibos, vanilla, apples, and peaches.Rooibos is actually leaves that come from a bush in the South Africa and has a naturally sweet, slightly nutty flavor. Rooibos is high in antioxidants and polyphenols. Among many health benefits, rooibos contributes to boosting the immune system and slowing the aging process. It also has a relaxing effect that can help with insomnia and streets relief.

I recommend you get a Vanilla Rooibos tea next time you stop at Starbucks, it’s delicious! Thanks Jessica!


  1. vanilla is my favorite one.I wile surely gonna get this. Thank foe sharing this Amari

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